JJ Grey and Mofro spice up a hot night at the Southgate

JJ Grey and Mofro
Southgate House
Newport, Kentucky
July 16, 2008

Coming off a long run of festival appearances, JJ Grey and Mofro started the second half of their summer tour itinerary at Newport, Kentucky’s Southgate House on July 16. Grey and Mofro’s brass backed lineup stirred the pot for a tasty mixture of red hot rhythm and blues originals.

Basing the central part of the set on the 2007 recording, Country Ghetto, Grey powered his unit through even the laidback numbers like "Circles" and "A Woman," giving the tunes a sharp edge that galvanized the standing room floor audience to applaud and shout back to the stage. Clearly enjoying himself on a hot, muggy July evening inside the Southgate, Grey and Mofro added the appropriate touches by driving home the seasonal messages inherent inside of Country Ghetto‘s "Mississippi" and "The Sun is Shining Down." 

His riveting performance gained steam as Grey and co. turned back the clock for inspired arrangements of "Dirt Floor Cracker" and the title track off of the 2004 disc, Lochloosa. And, with his usual aplomb, JJ Grey held the rapt and dedicated crowd in his hands on the rap/blues boogie southern cuisine classic "Ho Cake" from the 2001 album, Blackwater. That moment was just one of many that made JJ Grey and Mofro’s 2008 visit to the Southgate House defining and memorable.