Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers : Inside Tracks

jimmy_thacker_inside_tracks.jpgJimmy Thackery and his band, the Drivers, have a well-built reputation in the blues community that is set to increase through the release of his Inside Tracks project.

A deliberately paced extravaganza of well-honed group interaction and deftly chosen material make Inside Tracks a worthy successor to 2007’s Solid Ice. Thackery’s generous willingness to share the spotlight enables his tight rhythm section of Mark Bumgarner on bass and Mark Stutso on drums to shine on the swinging R&B instrumental "Just a Feeling."

 Joining Thackery on lead guitar duties, Earl Cate brings blistering finesse to the molten workout, "Promised Land." But, Inside Tracks’ success is largely due to Thackery’s strong singing combined with his clean and pure string tones that enliven "Blinking of an Eye," "That Dog Won’t Hunt" and "Eat It All." Produced by Thackery and Randy Labbe at Winterwood Studios in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Inside Tracks presents the cream of Jimmy Thackery and the drivers’ blues originals, and opens up the ensemble to a wider world of admirers.      

Inside Tracks is out now on Telarc.