Jimmy Lloyd : Jimmy Lloyd

jimmy_lloyd.jpgJimmy Lloyd slashes and barks to a roots-oriented punk beat on his self-titled debut. In the spirit of early alternative New York bands like the Ramones and Talking Heads, Lloyd, a transplanted New Yorker from Texas, keeps the song structures simple and garage guitar ethics driven.

"Maybe" starts the recording off in a quirky, bemused fashion that slowly dissolves into a lover’s lament. "My Baby’s Mother" is a raw, angry revenge anthem that proves to be the disc’s true highlight. "Your Mother’s Boyfriend" cruises at a pounding pace, investigating the homebound prisons of abuse.

Lloyd’s knack for detail in recreating the lost punk era of the 1970s is uncanny, and he receives ample contributions from fellow travelers Dave Macarone on bass and electric guitars, and Ian McGlynn on drums and keyboards. McGlynn and Macarone also produced the album, lifting Jimmy Lloyd to rarified heights with unforgettable rock and roll fare such as "Cop Bar;" guaranteed to provide slam dance inspiration at any Saturday night keg party. 

Jimmy Lloyd is out now.