Jimmy Landry : New Day

jimmylandry.jpgAsheville, North Carolina’s Jimmy Landry grooves with his piano as the main instrument on the scintillating disc, New Day. Working with legendary producer John Keane, Landry has recorded a focused, loose set of songs that are sure to have even the casual listener dancing around the room.

Landry’s pop sensibilities on "Fishin’" and "Coming Back to You" are enhanced by his backing ensemble of Jason "Lefty" Williams on guitar, Ray Dombrowski on bass and Steve Saunders on drums. Landry also utilizes Jeff Eckard, Joel Williams, Rachel Dobbs, and Chris Beem to flesh out "Company of My Tears" and "Just Another Friday." His laidback approach to keyboard improvisation has lured many to Landry’s performances, and the infectious vibe permeates much of New Day.

Keane recorded the project at his studios, tweaking the knobs to add luster to the album’s polished studio sheen. Whether one is new to the Jimmy Landry experience, or a veteran of his ivories-based jam gumbo, with a spin on the stereo, New Day brings a big, warm smile to the face.  

New Day is out now.