Jimmy Herring debuts Invisible Whip in Memphis

Jimmy Herring and the Invisible Whip
Memphis, TN @ Minglewood Hall
July 19, 2017
Words/Images: Josh Mintz

It takes a special kind of musician to have an idea, make a plan, and execute. It takes someone even more unique to do it in their spare time.

That’s exactly what Jimmy Herring did with his latest project, The Invisible Whip, which debuted in Memphis on Wednesday, July 19 – he brainstormed, he planned, and man, did he execute.

With Widespread Panic off the road, Herring’s got some time on his hands, and decided he wanted to go out on the road with a new group. It’s a little easier to put a cohesive band together when you’re pulling together high-calibre musicians that have played together before. Herring and drummerJeff Sipe have played together for decades, and the connection between the two was clear from the opening notes of “Black Satin,” a Miles Davis cover. All it took was a subtle nod or a glance to transition from one section of the song to the next.

The beauty of the Invisible Whip is that all of the players got a chance to shine. Jason Crosby and Matt Slocum, situated at keyboards on opposite ends of the stage, got their fair share of solo time throughout the set alongside Herring. 

The night’s setlist was comprised of originals by Herring, Sipe and Slocum, a few covers, and four songs with what are presumably working titles: “Sketch Ballad,” “Sketch Slow 6/8,” “Sketch Up Tempo,” and “1911.”

The takeaway was that despite this being the first show of the tour –  and of the band –  Invisible Whip already has a strong connection on stage. It’ll be interesting to watch them grow as the tour progresses and the band gets more comfortable on stage together. With musicians of this skill, that shouldn’t take long.

Black Satin, Matts Funk, Sketch Ballad, Les Brers in A Minor, Jungle Book, New Moon, Transients, Sketch Slow 6/8, Sketch Up Tempo, 
Rainbow, Pungee, Slopes
Encore: 1911
(Setlist courtesy Jimmy Herring’s Facebook page)

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