Jerry Joseph: Live, Backstage & Unplugged (Video)

Jerry Joseph. The name conjures up as many feelings as it does ideas from those who are familiar with him.

For some, he is a guy who has occasionally popped out on stage with a favorite band. For others, he is one of the greatest songwriters of this era. Still for many, he is Jerry “who?” 

Over the course of three decades, Jerry Joseph has had one of the most awkwardly inspiring careers imaginable.  As a musician’s musician, Joseph has been all three of the above — plus countless more — from the place where he feels most at home, on the road by himself, with Stockholm Syndrome or with the band that is his crown jewel, The Jackmormons.

Today, Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons released their most definitive collection to date, a double disc effort entitled Happy Book and it is Joseph in his finest hour. Opening with the title track lyric “I gotta tell ya, I’d really love to get high,” the album shows Joseph in a time of self-denial, no longer in his immature days of instant gratification, but still mildly longing for them all the same; something we all can identify with.



This thread holds true throughout Happy Book. Jerry’s songwriting is clearer than it has ever been, with imagery so pure that its listener can be supplanted from his chair and to a time in his life where he can relate with ease to whatever picture Joseph is painting and singing with his pen and Mellencamp like swagger.


While on the scene at Baltimore’s 8×10, Honest Tune senior contributor, Bob Adamek, sat down with Jerry for a brief conversation and an acoustic serving of the final song from the latest album, “The Road Home.”


So sit back, relax, listen and watch as Honest Tune exclusively presents Jerry Joseph: Live, Backstage & Unplugged.



Jerry Joseph: Live, Backstage & Unplugged

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