Jerry Joseph, Bret Mosley, Steve Drizos : Charge

charge_cover.jpgWithout a doubt, Jerry Joseph is proficient in writing adventurous songs.  Last year’s The Denmark Veseys with Steve Drizos was one of his most exciting projects in recent years. Alongside Drizos once again, and with new friend Brett Mosley, Joseph hits the target dead-on with Charge.

The title track fires with boisterous attitude, the music drenched in characteristics of Joseph, and while he tells of the truth, it is apparent that this is more of a collaborative effort than most of his work. “What You Feel” starts with Mosely at the helm, and offers a superb balance to Joseph’s bitter sweetness. Both artists have a rough and real quality to their vocals, and on “What You Fell,” they discover a harmonious spiritual uplift. 

On the cover of the Modest Mouse hit “Missed the Boat,” the trio completely commandeers the song, making it their own. The simplicity of Drizos’ percussion paints the perfect background to one of the albums highlights. There is intrigue in the guitar riffs, raw passion in the vocals.

Mosley’s “Stare at the Sun” and Joseph’s “Isabella Bird” are both filled with tasteful guitar. The latter touches on Joseph’s bizarre relationship with the state of Colorado, and claims that he “Can’t go back to Colorado, the place just ends up giving me the shakes.”

Once again Joseph finds inspiration and secures another feather for his cap with Charge.  This album will not only earn the acclaim it deserves, but both longtime fans and newcomers will revel in its greatness.

Charge is out now on Cosmo Sex School Records.