Jennie Arnau : Mt. Pleasant

A healthy dose of country reverberates from the first single “You’re Not Alone” off of singer/songwriter Jennie Arnau’s recent release, Mt. Pleasant.  This year’s full-length album is destined to be a hit with college radio, Americana music fans and genre-riding cowgirls half at home in country western and half in ass-kickin’ rockand roll.

“Who Will Come With Me” is edgy and gutsy, filled with thick guitar and entrancing organ. Dramatically the tempo drops and “Holidays” shows a more seductive and jazzy sound from the singer.  The album as a whole shows great depth and eclectic influences ranging from jazzy and light to dark and mysterious.

Not only does the great singer write solid songs, she has a tasteful band backing her. Adam Lerner’s guitar intro into “Margaret” flows effortlessly in to possibly the most appealing song of the album. When the mandolin and cello come about on “Hang The Moon,” the album sees it’s best instrumentation. Seductive piano, accompanies the deep rich tones of the cello and Jennie’s voice flows effortlessly atop of the masterpiece.

Mt. Pleasant is now available on Spectra Records