Jennie Arnau : Chasing Giants


If the album cover gives any indication, Jennie Arnau’s Chasing Giants is a Paul Bunyan, Billy the Kid hybrid that packs quite the punch. Art, indeed, proves right: The self-described "New York-nurtured and South Carolina-born" Arnau tells a not-so-tall, 10-track tale of love and life.

Arnau appears every bit the storyteller in the Kevn Kinney-backed opener, "For the Winter." Armed with her trademark twang, she mixes fiddle with pop sensibility, meddles with myth and heartache on the ‘70s throwback, "The Sparrow & The Gods," and dances with metaphor on "Bouncing Ball," where she calls to her lover, softly hoping that he’ll "throw that door open wide."

But Arnau can’t stay silent for long. "I don’t go chasing giants," she proclaims in the adamant title track, the album’s true gem and deserving namesake. Like this track, the album crescendos in its final moments with the haunting "No Guarantees" and reflective "The Sharp Things."

Chasing Giants is out now on Megaforce Records.