Jenni Muldaur : Dearest Darlin’

jenni_muldaur_dearest_darlin.jpgThe daughter of Geoff and Maria Muldaur, Jenni Muldaur explodes with passion on her multi-genre gem, Dearest Darlin’.

Belting out the Big Maybelle opening track "I’ve Got a Feeling," Muldaur digs deep to find the core emotion inherent in the composition. "You’re Breaking Me Up" swings with a looseness that Muldaur brings to the Lee Dorsey classic. "Just Ain’t No Love" is Muldaur at her best, feeding off of band mates Brad Jones on bass and Brian Jackson on keyboards.

Dearest Darlin’ is dedicated to the late Sean Costello (Susan Tedeschi, Blind Boys of Alabama), whose imprint is felt throughout the recording. Produced by Steve Rosenthal (Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega) and Don Fleming (Sonic Youth) at NYC’s Magic Shop, Dearest Darlin’ announces an ascending star and riveting presence in the form of R&B sensation

Dearest Darlin’ is out now on Dandelion Music.