Jason Spooner : The Flame You Follow

jason_spooner_flame_you_follow.jpgIntoxicating and enveloping, Jason Spooner’s smooth disc, The Flame You Follow, could be mistaken for much of the classic rock on the soft programming end of the dial. But that’s the enduring charm deep inside this nugget of a recording. Many of the album’s tracks are as memorable as a George Martin produced America project, the difference being that Spooner has produced his own work, with startling results.

"Hazel" dives deep under the sonar to reveal an intelligent, introspective soul translating his tale with effortless skill. The title track bounces to a tight beat thanks to the veteran rhythm section of Andy Rice on bass and Reed Chambers on drums. Spooner brought in engineer Jon Wyman to sculpt Flame‘s crisp, clean sound. Plus, assistance from Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone on fiddle ("Meant to Be") and Soulive’s Ryan Zoidison on sax ("Simple Life") round out a colorful cast of balanced players.

Clearly a labor of love, The Flame You Follow is imbued with the vibrancy of Jason Spooner’s music and the buoyant, peaceful spirit that guides his focused sense of direction.   

The Flame You Follow is out now on Spooner Records.