Jason Collett : Here’s to Being Here

jason_collett_heres_to_being_here.jpgThere has always been a strong argument for similarities in songwriting and delivery between Jason Collett and Bob Dylan.  I say if that is so, then Here’s to Being Here is the best the two have ever sounded. 

Collett is a member of the cooperative known as the Broken Social Scene.  Straying further away from the collective sound, Collett’s release is a joyous marriage of old Americana and modern pop sensibilities. The opening track, “Roll on Oblivion,” will melt into to your consciousness like the ice of good whiskey drink, subtly watering down the edge and creating the perfect delivery to the ear’s palette. 

“Out of Time” is another of the album’s choice cuts. Simplistic rock-and-roll escorts you along until you run headstrong into the massive hook of the bridge. Revved up guitar gives way to synthesized keys and a snappy drum beat, before settling back into its’ subtle shell.  The groovy “Charlyn, Angel of Kinsington” leans heavily on a funky bass line and a percussive undertone.

When Collett plays the harmonica, the similarities between him and the masterful Dylan become very apparent. “No Redemption Song” would make any Dylan fan crack a smile.      

Here’s To Being Here easily makes for one of the year’s best releases to date.  Notable its desire to be played from beginning to end and maybe even repeated a time or two before rendering the controls to something new.

Here’s to Being Here is out now on Arts & Crafts.