James McMurtry : Live in Europe

mcmurty_europe.jpgTouring behind his 2008 release Just Us Kids proved to be successful, and James McMurtry has captured the experience on his CD/DVD entitled Live in Europe.

The veteran  singer/songwriter from Texas was joined on the road by Jon Dee Graham who brings bracing humor and punk edge to McMurtry’s retelling of "Laredo" on the entertaining video disc. McMurtry has a dry, insistent approach to his vocal delivery, and he embodies that persona on the detailed gem, "Hurricane Party." Highlights on both discs include the openers, "Bayou Tortue" (CD) and "Choctaw Bingo" (DVD), as well as the darkly lit "Highway View" and the loosely jamming "You’d a’ Thought (Leonard Cohen Must Die)." McMurtry’s worldview embraces the workingman, and "We Can’t Make It Here" is a timely anthem aimed directly towards the heart and soul of the masses.

Taping in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Geislingen, Germany reaped rewards for James McMurtry on his charged Live in Europe set. 

Live in Europe is out now on Lightning Rod Records.