Jam Cruise Artist Testimonials, Part One: Franti, Grace, Cornmeal and Everyone Orchestra (VIDEO)

Sunset.jpgIt is a well known fact that we absolutely love Jam Cruise. Simply put, there really is nothing about the five day adventure that is not lovable. The sun in January, the vast and endless sea as a backdrop and sit-ins that literally only happen on Jam Cruise all make for an annual event that is in a league unto itself.  Of course all of this fails to mention the camaraderie  of the passengers, better known as “jamily.”

Over the years, so many incredible talents have graced the decks and theatres of the various boats that Jam Cruise has called home. So with this upcoming sailing being the monumental tenth one, we thought that a series featuring artists (who have played on the boat) telling Jam Cruise stories and testifying to the event’s greatness would be appropriate.

In this first video of a yet unknown amount of footage yet to come, we sat down with Michael Franti, Grace Potter, Cornmeal’s John-Paul Nowak, and the Everyone Orchestra’s Matt Butler to get their perspectives as we all long for what is sure to be another epic Jamuary.



Jam Cruise Artist Testimonials, Part One:

Grace Potter, Michael Franti, John Paul-Nowak

(Cornmeal) & Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra)

  A look back at Jam Cruise 9…