Jam Cruise 9: Interviews from the Boat


To try and explain Jam Cruise to the unitiated is lke trying to explain to Glenn Beck what sanity is. It simply is not possible. Honest Tune has been on the scene for years for this blessed event, having photographed and reviewed it along the way. Though we have absolutely no plans of deviating from this tradition now or anytime in the foreseeable future, this year we decided to take a different approach. Rather than simply explain the event as being what it always is, a colossally amazing extravaganza that never fails to set the tone for the year, we instead chose to enlist a few cohorts in Jam crime to lend an assist in interviewing some of our favorite artists: George Porter Jr., Zach Deputy, Lotus’ Luke Miller, Van Ghost’s Michael Harrison Berg and Jennifer Hartswick, Galactic’s Robert Mercurio, & The New Mastersounds’   Eddie Roberts and Joe Tatton. Happy Jamuary!

Part 1: George Porter Jr. & Zach Deputy interviewed by Ananda Atmore & David Shehi 

(Scroll down for parts 2 & 3)

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Part 2: Lotus & Van Ghost (with an acoustic performance of Van Ghost’s "Domino Effect")

Interviewed by David Shehi

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Part 3: Galactic‘s Robert Mercurio & The New Mastersounds‘ Eddie Roberts & Joe Tatton

interviewed by Jeffrey Dupuis & Hill Clinton

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