Jackie Greene Brings Good ole American Rock and Roll to the Hi-Fi

Jackie Greene
September 29, 2016
The Hi-Fi, Indianapolis, IN
Photographer/Writer: Tyler Muir

Good ole American Rock and Roll made it’s way to the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis September 29th, 2016. The ever talented Jackie Greene brought his style of Americana and blues along with the band Cordovas with him for taste of how stage presence and music should be done. From the very start of the night until the end, the crowd was treated to solid sets from each band. It is always fascinating seeing acts that make you feel like they have been playing on stage for decades.


Cordovas was a great way to start the night off. The band from Nashville, Tennessee consists of Joe Firstman on bass guitar, Lucca Soria on guitar, Jon Loyd on keys, and Graham Spillman on drums. Each of these guys were bursting with energy and musicianship their entire set and just when you thought they could not get any better, they threw a Grateful Dead teaser into their set. Their set brings back memories of an almost forgotten time, a time when all that mattered was a band’s talent and much they brought it. Though they were formed in 2011, the way these boys play together you would think they should be celebrating their 25th anniversary.


The interaction with the crowd from onstage made it hard not to fall in love with them. With timing that was constant perfection, they know when to give the crowd that Rock and Roll demeanor. As if their set was not enough the encore had Joe Firstman hopping on keys with the rest of the band standing around one mic for a great harmony.


Jackie Greene continues to be the type of musician that everything he touches is his own style and amazing. Playing in bars since his early teenage years, it was clear Thursday night he has perfected his craft over the past two decades. Jackie has put out albums since 2002, but chose to start the night with I’m so gone from his 2006 album, Gone Wonderin’, the night would see that album woven throughout the set list. A true performer on stage he knows when it’s time to slow it down a bit from the rocker to show his softer side. “A Moment of Temporary Color”, showcased his passion which he has no problem expression on stage as well.


Who doesn’t love a good live Grateful Dead tune? It is hard pressed to find a better live version of, “New Speedway Boogie” than what Greene ripped out Thursday night. “Shaken”, showed Jackie’s depth both as lyricist, it had everything, blues, rock, folk, all rolled into one. The set could be used as a blueprint for how it should be down, cover all bases and having nothing left when the band leaves the stage causing the crowd to leave feeling satisfied.


If you did not get enough of the opening act or the Grateful Dead, Jon Loyd of Cordovas set in with the band for a magical version of, “China Cat” that followed by Joe Firstman trading places with Jon on keys for a very memorable, “I know you Rider”. Jackie Greene continued to prove why he is constantly evolving in every aspect of himself and that he loves bringing a talented act you may of never heard of with him to start the night off proper. Never sleep on Jackie Greene coming to your town.

Jackie Greene – Setlist

I’m so gone
Silver Lining
A Moment of Temporary Color
New Speedway Boogie
Light Up Your Window
Farwell, So Long, Goodbye
Medicated God
So Hard to Find My Way Home
Till the Light Comes
China Cat w/ Jon Loyd on keys
I Know You Rider w/ Joe Firstman on keys