Icy Demons : Miami Ice

icy_demons_miami_ice.jpgIcy Demons, the Philadelphia/Chicago ensemble featuring members of Man Man, Need New Body, Tortoise and Prefuse 73, is DNA proof that vintage keyboards and synthesized eccentricities are more than retro – they are unraveling modern music.

Opening Miami Ice, “Buffalo Bill” spills beats like Tetris blocks, precise and calculated, falling lock step in endless configurations. And Icy Demons continues to hurl these unexpected shapes like a hyperactive teen with an aggressive streak, from bossa nova lounge (“Summer Samba,”) to South Beach house (“Crittin’ Down to Baba’s”).

Air tight and infectious, Miami Iceis a road-map of sound, from the band’s urban homes to the sandy beaches in the south. It’s a summertime soundtrack, courtesy of Icy Demons, ready for consumption on the rocks with salt and a lime.

Miami Ice is out now on Obey Your Brain.