I See Hawks in LA : Hallowed Ground


Los Angeles’ I See Hawks In L.A. mature with a new-found grace on their fourth recording, Hallowed Ground. Dual guitarists Rob Waller and Paul Lacques do the majority of Hawks’ songwriting on Hallowed Ground, keeping the material concise with a fresh focus. This is alt country music delivered in a laid-back style, much like Gram Parsons and Buffalo Springfield’s best works.

Bassist Paul Marshall brings his thumping groove to the front of the mix on the title track. Drummer Shawn Nourse delivers the rhythm in an intuitive style on the opener, "Carbon Dated Love." Lacques adds his Eagles-like backing vocals to each track, and proves to be a strong producer as well, giving Hallowed Ground an organic, well-rooted pulse.

But, it is in his collaborations with lead singer Waller that this pleasantly disarming disc takes hold on the substance-driven numbers, "Highway Down" and "Yolo County Airport." Leave it to I See Hawks in L.A. to bring out the coastal definition of purpose and sunny Western swing inside "Environmental Children of The Future" on their arresting fourth outing, Hallowed Ground.

Hallowed Ground is out now on Big Book Records.