I See Hawks in L.A. : New Kind of Lonely

I See Hawks in L.A. have enjoyed a long, winding journey through the dusty trails of California-inspired country-rock, with their mellow, ‘70s grooves that invoke the ghosts of Laurel Canyon. For their newest release, the band has put down the electric guitars and pedal steel, opting instead for acoustic instruments. The album, New Kind of Lonely, would make Gram Parsons proud with its soulful spin on that well-worn country road that finds these veterans digging deep and writing some of the best songs of their career.

As with all I See Hawks albums, you expect sharp, introspective lyrics that cover a wide-spectrum of emotions, and New Kind of Lonely is no different.  The darkly beautiful “Your Love is Going to Kill Me,” the joyous paean to The Grateful Dead “I Fell in Love With the Grateful Dead,” and the black-humor of “Big Old Hypodermic Needle,” all speak to the band’s innate ability to spin well-crafted stories that touch a nerve with brutal honesty and frankness.  But the beauty and power of their music is no surprise; I See Hawks in L.A.  have defined their 13 year journey with solid album after solid album.

New Kind of Lonely is out now on Western Seeds Records.