I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House calls it quits

Here's a message from the band's label head, Alex Steininger:


"Though the break-up of I Can Lick Any Sonfoabitch in the House happened a month ago, and many of you have heard via rumors or the band's email blast that was prematurely sent out, I wanted to send out an official statement of the band's demise, complete with an explanation from front man Mike Damron (aka Michael Dean Damron)."


On the night of November 18, 2006, following a show at Outlaw's in Portland, Oregon, Mike Damron left the stage during the middle of I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House's set, frustrated by poor sound and P.A. failure at the club.


After returning home, he called guitarist Jon Burbank to explain.


During his explanation, he told Burbank that the Outlaw's show was an eye opener and that the P.A. failure, coupled with the light crowd of only approximately sixty paid attendees, made him realize that he was not having fun in I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House and that he wanted to focus on more varied music, something he felt SOB was incapable of.


Burbank, pleading with Damron and trying to reason with him, soon ended the call, hoping Damron would sleep it off.


The following night, In Music We Trust, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House's label, head Alex Steininger received a message from SOB's manager after landing in Portland, returning home from a business trip to New York.


The message simply stated, "Alex, call me, this is Howard, something big happened with SOB last night".


Steininger quickly called Howard Libes at Candide Entertainment, the manager for SOB, and was briefed on Saturday, November 18th, the previous night's incident.


He was also informed that Damron was not answering his phone.


Trying his luck at it, Steininger called Damron and left a message. The following night Damron called Steininger and expressed his feelings and viewpoint.


It was then confirmed by Steininger that Damron was ending his run with I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, thus putting the band to rest.


Management and the band were notified and proceedings started to take place to sell off the band's touring van and liquidate their bank account.


"We had a great run with I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House.  We toured this country many times over for nearly six years.  But, after six years and four records, I felt it was starting to run its course, and I wanted to do more things musically that this band was incapable of," comments Damron on his decision to break up the band.  "I want to write more rock songs, yeah, but I also want to write country songs, more folk-y songs, and other stuff, stuff the band wasn't willing to do.  They wanted to make all the songs rock songs and a lot of the newer stuff I was writing wasn't going in that direction.  And I didn¹t feel like trying to force it upon the song.  If the song was a rock song, I was all for it.  But if it wasn't, it needed to not be a rock song".


Prior to the band's demise, Damron and band – guitarist Jon Burbank, bassist Mole Harris, drummer Flapjack Texas, and harpist David Lipkind ­ finished tracking what would be their forth studio full-length, Bad Days Ahead.


Bad Days Ahead will be digitally released by In Music We Trust in April 2006. Guitarist Jon Burbank is currently in the studio mixing the record.


Bassist Mole Harris has given up recording and touring, stating that the band breaking up has killed his musical drive.


Jon Burbank and Flapjack Texas continue to play in Portland rock outfit The Runaway Boys.


David Lipkind will continue to be an in-demand harpist, playing with many bands around the NW.


Mike Damron will continue on with his solo project, Michael Dean Damron.  He has recently formed a band, featuring former Wipers' drummer Sam Henry behind the kit, and an as-of-yet confirmed bassist.  The trio will play out under the name Michael Dean Damron and The Loyal Bastards.


Michael Dean Damron and The Loyal Bastards are currently working on an upcoming full-length; Damron is busy writing many songs to choose from for the as-of-yet untitled record, which will be recorded in February and come out in summer '07.  Four songs from Bad Days Ahead will be on the record as well.


Look for Michael Dean Damron and The Loyal Bastards to tour in March down to SxSW and back and another tour in summer, following the release of their full-length.