Hundred Year Flood : Poison

hundred_year_flood_poison.jpgHundred Year Flood return with a striking new album, Poison, that is full of straightforward, pounding tunes and bracing guest appearances.

Another golden entry from Frogville Records, the New Mexico quartet pays homage to the label’s extended family, including Enion Pelta-Tiller on the violin-colored "Truly." A forceful musical ensemble, Hundred Year Flood’s steam-driven train is conducted by the slashing guitar lines and world weary vocals of Bill Palmer. The rhythm section of Kendra Palmer on bass and Jim Palmer on drums keeps time to Poison‘s alluring grooves on the hypnotic title track.

Vocalist Shannon McNally beefs up the thick harmonies on Poison‘s transcending Byrds-meets-Fleetwood Mac moment, the addictive radio friendly song "Neck of the Woods." The visceral beauty of Hundred Year Flood’s gut-punch presentation is fleshed out by Taj Mahal’s guitar and harmonica contributions on "Hell or High Water."

Produced by Andy Kravitz, Poison pulsates with an insistent Western swing that is hard-edged and full of psychedelic improvisation.  Hundred Year Flood breaks away from the roots oriented movement to set a new standard on the graceful outlaw rock opus, Poison.  

Poison is on Frogville Records.