Hot Tuna : On the air and on tour

p1015118_copy.jpgJorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady are Hot Tuna. From their new hit album, Steady As She Goes (Red House Records), to their on air and live performances this legendary rock and blues band provides a fine musical experience, innovative, respectful and jammin’!

This Wednesday, August 17 eTown will start its broadcast of their Hot Tuna show including Barry Mitterhoff and taped last June in Boulder along with guest Dar Williams and hosts Helen and Nick Forster. To find an eTown station near you go to:
This fall these masters of expression will be performing:
Oct  08  Rex Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
Oct  09  Mountain Stage, Athens, OH
Oct  20  Anthology, San Diego, CA
Oct  21  Los Angeles, CA
Oct  23  Phoenix, AZ
And the holiday season brings them to:
Dec 09  Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
Dec 10  Beacon Theatre, New York, NY