Honey Island Swamp Band: Cane Sugar

CaneSugarHow can you not love a city like New Orleans, Louisiana when it turns out groups like the Honey Island Swamp Band? For fans of old school Nola bands like The Radiators and The Iguanas and younger jam band fans who have taken to worshipping at the Temple of the Crescent City Music Scene, pick up Cane Sugar for 48 minutes and 4 seconds of bouncing bayou with just that touch of cajun/zydeco to get you dancing.

With four out of five members sharing vocal duties and as proficient on their instruments as these guys are, the HISB constantly fires on all cylinders with this record. Whether the song contains mandolin, pedal steel, harmonica or twangy guitar, each track is a solid piece of songwriting. Aaron Wilkinson gets major kudos for handling vocals, guitar, harmonica and the aforementioned mandolin.

At times sounding like a younger, hungrier Radiators on the swamp soul songs and a few minutes later channeling the spirit of country rock bands like The Outlaws and Poco, HISB  has released a record in Cane Sugar that is reminiscent of some of the great albums by The Mavericks.

Check out the title track, “Never Saw It Comin” and “Prodigal Son” and you will want to check out the Honey Island Swamp Band the next time they play near you.