Honest Tune’s Jimmy Herring interview now available for MP3 download

When we published Ian Rawn ‘s recent interview with Jimmy Herring (see below), we promised that we would release the MP3 in short order. Well, now we are. There were many reasons that we decided to do this, but primarily it was due to the length of the interview and the fact that the content contained therein was so compelling. This said, we realize that some people do not have the time to sit back for an hour and watch a YouTube video. So, now you can simply download the MP3, load it on your iPod, burn it to disc, etc. Enjoy!

Click here and follow the on screen instructions to start your download.
For archival accuracy purposes, we do ask that you do not change the file name once downloaded.
For more on Jimmy Herring, log on to www.JimmyHerring.net