Honest Tune : Photo of the Month unveiled…

We chose photos from the month of March and you decided (via our Facebook page) which one you liked the best.

The support was overwhelming and hats go off first of all to you (readers, voters, and extended family) and second of all to all of our contributing photographers who were featured in the month’s "contest." 

Alas, there can only be one "winner" and that one is Mr. Rex Thomson of Rex-A-Vision who wowed us all with his shot of Cornmeal’s Allie Kral. Capturing moments like that are not easy and Rex was on it when the beautiful fiddling phenom seemed to peer into his lens with her glittery eyelashes sparkling.

It truly is a fantastic photo. 

As a result of your votes, Rex will walk away with a small token of our appreciation and recognition of a job well done– a one hundred dollar gift card to B & H Photo. We encourage you all to check out B & H.

The month of April is well underway (seriously?) and we have already released the first "Photos of the Week" in this week’s week in review. The competition will only stiffen with festival season now fully upon us.

Just as the case was last month, these photos will be placed in the "Photo of the Month" vote at the end of April…and ultimately in the "Photo of the Year" contest.

Once agaiin, congratulations Rex! And thanks to everyone for their continued support of our little labor of love, Honest Tune!   


Cornmeal’s Allie Kral,  2/23/11 by Rex Thomson/ Rex-A-Vision

Photo of the Month (March)