Honest Tune: Artist Signed Photos for Missouri Red Cross Tornado Relief


Almost three weeks ago, we had an idea. Though simple in nature, the idea was to get with some of our favorite musicians in an attempt to do something for the greater good.  So at Hangout Fest, several photos were brought and the support was tremendous from both artists and their management, and subsequently our readers, who bought all of the signed items in less than 48 hours. The proceeds from those donations have been sent to the Alabama chapter of the Red Cross for Alabama tornado relief.

Well, unless you have been hanging with the Fraggles (under a rock), you have seen the devastation that has come to several communities this summer; to the point that it has been difficult to turn a dial without seeing or hearing multiple stories of tragic loss. And it did not stop with what happened in Alabama. So when preparing to head to the midwestern state of Arkansas for Wakarusa, doing something similar for the midwest, and more specifically Joplin, MO, was the only thing left to do. So we did.


For this effort, we have decided to implore the same strategy as we did with the Alabama effort. The only difference will be that 100% of the proceeds from what is sold here will go to the Missouri chapter of the American Red Cross as opposed to the Alabama one of the same. 


To read how the Alabama effort worked, please click here.


1) If you would like to purchase any one of the photos or the backstage pass, you will need to email David Shehi at dshehi@


2) If you are the first one to ask to purchase a photo, David will let you know PayPal information.


3) Once paid, the photo or pass will be shipped to you by whichever method you choose.


The reason that we decided to do this in this manner was because all of the other ways would result in fees and in turn, less money would go where we are aiming to see it go.


mumford.jpgHere is the list of what is for sale and the cost of each item (if you would like to donate more, by all means, do):


1) A media pass from Wakarusa 2011 signed by Mumford and Sons front man, Marcus Mumford and your choice of either an 8×10 or 11×14 photo (by David Shehi) from the Mumford & Sons Wakarusa performance and a 5×7 photo of Marcus Mumford signing the item: $150.00…


2) An 8×10 photo signed by Grace Potter (with guitar and inscription “The Nocturnals”): $45.00… SOLD!


3) A 12×18 photo signed by Grace Potter (without guitar): $60.00… SOLD!


3) An 8×10 photo inscribed and signed by Michael Franti (with guitar): $45.00…SOLD!


4) An 8×10 photo inscribed and signed by Michael Frant (without guitar)i: $45.00…


5) An 8×10 photo signed by Luther Dickinson (NMAS, Black Crowes): $40.00… SOLD!


6) An 8 x 10 photo (by Ian Rawn) signed by Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone: $40.00…


7) An 8×10 photo (by Ian Rawn) signed by Railroad Earth (NOTE: This photo was signed by former bassist Johnny Grubb): $75.00…


8 )  An 8×10 photo (by Ian Rawn) signed by current Railroad Earth bassist, Andrew Altman: $40.00…


9) A color 8×10 photo signed by Ben Harper: $40.00…


10) A black & white 8×10 photo signed by Ben Harper: 40.00… SOLD!




All photos were shot by David Shehi and Ian Rawn (Railroad Earth photos) and each signature was obtained in-person by David and Ian. Any certificate that you need to attest to this will not be a problem.

**Once each photo (that was shot by Shehi) is purchased, they will go out of circulation and you will own a completely unique piece of music memorabilia and have done a good deed to boot.** 


Below are the galleries that contain the signed photos. The first gallery is of what the actual original photos look like. The second is of photos of the signed memorabilia. Because they were printed on metallic (for extra bling!), the beauty of the photo gets lost in the translation of “taking a picture of a picture.” 



Click the thumbnail to view the photo gallery of the Original Photos that were signed…

Click the thumbnail to view the photo gallery of the Signed photos