Holly Long : Leaving Kansas

holly_long_kansas.jpgVenice, California resident Holly Long focuses on her inner creativity on the stunning long player, Leaving Kansas.

Having more to do more with Long’s series of life’s experiences and setbacks than the state of Kansas, the piano-driven, country-rooted recording contains vibrant resonance hidden inside tracks like "Excess" and "Trust Me." Desperation and yearning color the fractured, guitar strumming fable "Cindy."

 Long receives ample backing from bassist Chris Bates, guitarist Jay Graf and steady drummer J T Bates, and the opening track, "Brokedown," benefits from the clear production and studio wizardry of mixer Anthony J. W. Benson. Deep down inside Leaving Kansas heart beats a bluesy strut on "Simply," and Long’s swinging piano structures with subtle, personal reflections on "Homeward Bound."

Highly recommended.  

Leaving Kansas is out now on Skim Milk.