Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs : Dirt Don’t Hurt

holly_brokeoffs_dirt_dont_hurt.jpgHolly Golightly, a British singer-songwriter formerly of the all-girl garage band Thee Headcoatees, is treading hard on American music. She’s  released 14 studio albums  on her own, and has now collaborated with her bassist and Texas one-man band Lawyer Dave in The Brokeoffs, releasing two studio albums including the latest effort, Dirt Don’t Hurt.

Dirt Don’t Hurt, is an explosive, lo-fi country get-down recorded in just five days in an analog studio in Gijon, Spain. The highlight of the album culminates in the eighth track, "Gettin’ High for Jesus" which is punctuated with a harmonica that exerts such a strong presence, it controls the tempo for the rest of the album.

The Brokeoff’s website contains a proverb: "Even a fish would live longer if he kept his mouth shut." Let’s hope they don’t take their own advice.

Dirt Don’t Hurt is out now on Transdreamer.