Highly Kind : Don’t Wake Albert

highly_kind_dont_wake_albert.jpgHailing from Gadsen, Alabama, Highly Kind brings a special Southern flavor to their laidback disc, Don’t Wake Albert.

A beguiling quartet that can invigorate a composition like the playful interpretation of Randall Bramblett and Davis Causey’s "Don’t Wake Elvis" with power driven percussion from drummer Duane Trucks, Highly Kind offers shining hope for the future of rhythm and soul from ‘Bama. "Have a Little Faith" concentrates on the songwriting skills of leader Albert Simpson and the instinctive ebb and flow of Kevin Scott on bass. "You Think You Know Someone" is a straightforward examination of the heart’s journey and travails with keyboardist Trey Evans’ organ lines pushed to the forefront of the sound mix.

Produced by Johnny Sandlin (The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic) and recorded at his Duck Tape Studios in Decatur, Alabama, Highly Kind’s Don’t Wake Albert reawakens the country to the simple pleasures existing inside a finely written and performed tune with extra helpings of slide on the side.   

 Don’t Wake Albert is out now on Rockin’ Camel Music