Heavy Trash : Midinight Soul Serenade


The third recording from Heavy Trash, Midnight Soul Serenade, is a thrashy mix of raw punk, blistering blues and fine-edged country/rockabilly.

Beginning with "Gee, I Really Love You," Jon Spencer on vocals and acoustic guitar and Matt Verta-Ray on electric guitar take off on a hallucinatory bender of screeching screams and endless experiments with feedback and distortion. "Bumble Bee" swirls around until it stings from the inside with Sam Baker’s drum attack pummeling Spencer’s baritone fuzz guitar lines. "Isolation" is a standout track with Verta-Ray’s lap steel and bass coexisting brightly with Spencer’s Wurlitzer piano and the chiming backup vocals of Christina Campanella and John Rose. 

Produced by Spencer and Verta-Ray(engineer) at NY Head Studio in New York City, Midnight Soul Serenade is a bang-up breath of fresh air that expands the extensive repertoire of Heavy Trash and opens them up to a whole new audience across the globe.

Midnight Soul Serenade is out now on Fat Possum Records.