Heavy Trash brings it in Seattle



Heavy Trash
Chop Suey
Seattle, Washington
November 17, 2007

Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray have been busy on the road with their musical venture Heavy Trash, and they were recently joined and backed by the trash-rock psychobilly power trio Powersolo (Denmark) for a run of ten west coast shows from Los Angeles to Vancouver.  A sea of sideburns provided a decent turnout and indubitably reminded the band that adulation is alive in Seattle.


heavy trash2.JPG

Heavy Trash

From the the first dirty notes of the show, the dance floor was full of eager fans ready to rock.  Spencer held down the vocals and rhythm guitar spot, while swanky knee jerking electric hollow body was contributed courtesy of Verta-Ray.  The duo was ably backed by lap steel licks that were smoothly delivered by Atomic Child, as Kim Kix plucked out the stand up bass and JC Benz  pounded on the drums.  


The show was 13 new songs from the new CD Going Way Out With Heavy Trash performed to live perfection, with a loose lounge lizard punk-gone-slightly-mature concept.  Spencer and Verta -Ray have a fine sense of rock and roll humor that made the show completely engaging. This isn’t your mother’s rockabilly.  

A seasoned vet of the entertainment industry, Spencer still teases and croons with a strong wit, and has a fast knack for spontaneous thoughts on stage. He is consistently able to translate any observation that formulates in his filthy little mind into poetry, while his forcible and greasy sidekick Matt abruptly throws it into a full blown jiggy guitar jam. The added band members from Powersolo made the ninth installment of the ten show run more robust and amusingly danceable, but even as a duo Spencer and Verta Ray make a classic act.  This show is definitely one that must go on.