Harry Manx & Kevin Breit :In Good We Trust

Harry Manx and Kevin Breit are, to those who know them, considered to be vastly talented guitarists, more than capable of steering their successful solo careers. Together, the duo goes further than either might individually, pushing towards territories one would rarely venture alone.


In Good We Trust, the follow up to their award-winning album Jubilee, opens with an intriguing take on Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire,” but it is the duo’s original tracks that make for the best moments. This is never truer than the album’s four instrumentals, particularly the title track, as well as “Don’t Swim, Float,” which showcases Manx’s deep rooted country blues influences and Breit’s settle, sensible leads.


There is no studio trickery found on In Good We Trust, no supporting players, and no massive instrumentation; simply two instrumental virtuosos armed a multitude of stringed instruments (including a guitar Manx built out of cigar box and a 20-string modified guitar) and a collection of 11 strong songs that are sure to delight fans of roots rock.


Out now on Stony Plain Music.