Hans York : Young Amelia

hans_york_amelia.jpgFew musicians sound as relaxed in their music as German-born, Seattle-raised singer and songwriter Hans York. Young Amelia emanates this laid-back approach, comfort food for the heart and soul, constructed succinctly and delivered without pretense.

The title track is swollen strings and fey delivery, York lamenting life and loss joined by an intriguing, shifting melody.  Drifting as lightly as the title suggestions, “Snow” is stripped down and delicate, blown by cool acoustic breezes. “Tell Me Why” flirts with jovial, the skipping rhythm textured by finely brushed drumming.

Young Amelia bears the mark of a veteran musician, the contents brimming with simplicity and sparkle. In the context of the recording of the album, this becomes even more apparent. The album was recorded in two-and-a-half days, yet the 12-tracks, production quality and performance shine. Hans York is a true talent, one that only grows more defined with each release.

Young Amelia is out now on CoYo Music.