Handgun Shootin’ with Greensky Bluegrass : an Honest Tune Interview (VIDEO)

When you enter into the realm of interviewing musicians, you never truly know what to expect. Some interviews are sterile. Others are strictly promotional. Sometimes they get deeply personal. Then there is this interview.

While on the scene at Music on the Mountaintop, Rex Thomson and David Shehi sat down with Greensky Bluegrass. What ensued was an episode of pure organic comedy. Sure, they talked about their new album, Handguns, which by the way, is an outstanding album. But in between the lines of music talk and album promotions was a  demonstration of games that they play on the road, (intentional) confusion between foreskin and foresight, cracking on the interviewer (“It’s a think piece”), misquoted movies and so much more gold that you will simply have to see for yourself.

But make no mistake about it, these highly affable and humorous guys are also serious musicians who are taking the bluegrass scene by storm with honest songwriting, instrument mastery, seamless improvisation and beautifully sung vocals.


Handgun Shootin’ w/ Greensky Bluegrass (Interview)

For more on Greensky Bluegrass and to download the Handguns EP, click here
 Scroll down to stream the tracks (“I’d Probably Kill You” and “Handguns”) that were featured in the video

I’d Probably Kill You – Handguns EP by Greensky Bluegrass Handguns – Handguns EP by Greensky Bluegrass