Hadden Sayers - Rolling Soul

Hadden Sayers : Rolling Soul

Hadden Sayers - Rolling Soul

Hadden Sayers’ new album, Rolling Soul, shows that the blues don’t have to be depressing. It sounds like an oxymoron, but once you listen to this record, you will have to agree.

Originally from Texas, Sayers now makes his home in Ohio, where he has honed his chops playing small clubs and dives. This experience surely give songs like “Something Wrong In The World” and ” “The Man I’m Supposed To Be” their grit and girth. Do you need to live a hard life to write songs like this? Yes, you do, and yes, Sayers has. But that doesn’t mean he lets those hard times have beat the hope and happiness out of his music. Rolling Soul shows that the light at the end of the tunnel is not only bright, but it’s incredibly uplifting and redeeming.

The production found on Rolling Soul stands out as much as Sayers’  engaging voice and well-crafted songs. It is everything a real music fan and a hardcore blues-lover should need.

Rolling Soul is out now on Blue Corn Music.