Great American Taxi : Paradise Lost

Three records and a few personnel changes after the band’s debut in 2006, the aptly named Great American Taxi remains a vehicle that allows some of the best roots musicians in America to cruise in musical style. Led by Leftover Salmon front man, Vince Herman and keyboardist Chad Staehly, the group continues to consistently churn out music on Paradise Lost that recalls the glory days of twangy folk rock a la Gram Parsons and Little Feat, with a solid bluegrass and boogie-woogie backbone.

From the Dylan-inflected harmonica and mellow alt-ish country of “A.M. Radio” to the roadhouse swagger of “Angel Dust” and the offbeat “Swamp Song” – which recounts the demise of a craggy old backwoods wrangler – the Taxi boys are assisted by the amply talented likes of guest musicians Tim O’Brien, Todd Snider (who also produces here), Barry Sless and Elizabeth Cook. The varied moods, tones and grooves on Paradise Lost add up to one big Americana win.

Paradise Lost is out now on GAT Records.