Grayson Capps : Rott ‘N’ Roll

grayson_capps_rott_roll.jpgGrayson Capps has always been equal parts drunken troubadour and soulful rock ‘n’ roller, and on his new album those two parts meld perfectly into what has been coined Rott ‘N’ Roll.  That name and description conjures images of a late-night, hell-bent lifestyle inhabited by desperate, seedy characters brought to life in Capps’ southern-blues-boogie-confessional-storyteller music. 

Rott ‘N’ Roll is the perfect representation of that description with 13 tracks that bring to life those same, down-on-their-luck, living-at-the-ends-of-the-means, desperate characters who might have been “drunk for a month or two.” Propelled by Capps’ gruff, smoke-filled voice and his intuitive storytelling, Rott ‘N’ Roll is a chance to explore the dark side of life. 

This is a side of life where you may find yourself walking “streets that are dirty like New Orleans” and conversing with “red-light whores,” while up at 4 a.m. with a head full of booze.  But you are not burning the midnight oil alone.  Capps is by your side, drunk as hell, singing songs and telling stories as he holds a bottle of “corn-liquor whiskey” in one hand and a guitar in the other. 

Listen to "Back to the Country" from Rott 'n' Roll Here!

Rott ‘N’ Roll is out now on Hyena Records.