Gomez : A New Tide

gomez_a_new_tide.jpgI was blown away by Gomez the first time I saw them perform. That night I grabbed a few of their albums, and not a few days later, I went looking for more at my favorite local used music shop. These guys have been around for a while now, making frequent trips across the sea to the states for lengthy tours. And yet with their most recent, A New Tide, I feel as though they sound as delightfully new and invigorating as they did in that first experience.

One of my favorite things about their live shows is the ability to move around from instruments, trading responsibility in the creative experience. Their albums seem to represent this musical co-op as well; not necessarily in the changing of instruments, but the sound of the end result.

Finding the band somewhat subdued, “Mix” kicks off the party with nice acoustic strumming. Somewhere along the minute mark the punch comes in with a balance of kick drum and crunchy guitar.  “Little Pieces” sounds almost like an entirely different band, a deeper influence of electronics echoing attitude. The groove of acoustic, upright bass from guest Josh Abrams keeps things light and brisk on "If I ask you Nicely,” which may be one of the album’s best tracks. 

 “Win Park Slope” also grabs your attention. Jay Pike’s viola and Isabel Castellvi’s cello mesmerize before delivering the haunting vocals from guest Amy Millan. The album is filled with guest musicians, helping Gomez continue their evolution

 Once again, Gomez shoots without missing, putting themselves in “Airstream Driver” and bringing it to the masses once again. I feel inspired to see them as they come stateside again this summer.     

A New Tide is out now on ATO Records.