Golden Void_Golden Void

Golden Void : Self-Titled

Golden Void_Golden Void

As long as there are generations of long-haired, teenaged boys primed to discover Black Sabbath records, there will be careers for bands like Golden Void.

Hailing from the Bay Area, this band knows exactly how to write a heavy blues-rock song, complete with grinding guitar chords, swirling organ fills, and choruses decrying the destruction of the earth and the redemption that will be found when Heaven’s angelic hosts finally show up to wage war with Satan’s minions. In other words, if you dig Kyuss, Rose Hill Drive and bands of that ilk, Golden Void’s eponymous debut is the album for you.

Recalling at times Blue Oyster Cult’s, Spectres album, this self-titled slab of sludgy stoner rock never falls  too deeply into a black morass of doom and gloom. Stellar guitar work on songs like “Art of Invading” keeps things tearing across the desert sands. The very Sabbath sounding “Virtue” recalls a lost Ozzy track circa ’77. The highlight of the album is found in the song “Jetsun Dolma,”which brings together the 21 Taras of Tibetan Buddhism. It is heavy and moving music from young musicians who obviously have old souls.

Golden Void is out now on Thrill Jockey Records.