God Johnson

Finding success once in the world of rock and roll is hard enough; finding it twice is next to impossible.  God Johnson, the second act from the Big Wu's Jason Fladager has grown quickly in the short time they have been playing together and proven to be the rare case of a successful second act.

During Fladager's time in the Midwest jamband sensation the Big Wu, they achieved a fairly high level of success; they toured nationally, held their own annual Memorial Day Festival (The Big Wu Family Reunion, which drew 6000 plus fans a year), and hold the distinction of being the first band to play at the very first Bonnaroo.

Despite all of this Fladager found that the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle was not for everyone.  The constant touring and lack of routine took its toll.  "It wasn’t fun anymore, it felt more like a job," is how Fladager described it.

In 2002 he quit the band.  He put his guitar away, moved in with his parents, worked a regular job, and began to settle into a "normal" life that had routine and discipline.  He eventually felt comfortable enough and picked up his guitar and began to play again.

Three years ago he formed God Johnson with Jimmy Rodgers (bass) and Scott Roerick (keyboards).  Eventually they added Royce Rock on drums and Kevin Sinclair on sax.  They began playing in their hometown of Minneapolis and started to gain a small following.  It was not until a year and a half ago that as Fladager says, "everything just started to come together."  They added second keyboardist Tim Carrow at that time, who Fladager called
the missing link."

The addition of Carrow solidified the band’s sound, a laid-back funky blues that at times veers into the land of the jam and at other times stays short and concise – and just rocks.  Carrow also now splits lead vocal responsibilities and songwriting duties with Fladager, which has helped to expand God Johnson's sound.

After his years in the Big Wu, Fladager has learned some important lessons and applied them to God Johnson’s music.  He says, “We’re really just trying to have fun and play music.  If things happen that’s cool, but that’s not our focus – it’s about enjoying the music.”

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