Glossary : Long Live All of Us

Long Live All of Us, Glossary’s most recent release (their seventh), is simply a delight of an album. The 12 genre-spanning songs blend together so many styles of music, yet meld with a certain level of comfort that the listener could easily mistake the experience for a K-Billy’s Super Sound of the 70’s rebroadcast.

The mood is in a constant state of movement. There’s an ‘E-Street shuffle’ with a Jim James vocal sensitivity (“A Shoulder to Cry On”) followed by an upbeat, Wilco-esque rocker (“Heart Full of Wanna”), rounded out by what could easily be an outtake from one of Paul Westerberg’s solo vehicles (“Some Eternal Spark”). There are atmospheric and dense moments (“Ghosts in the Vapor,” “Everything Comes Back”) and also straightforward throwback rock (“When We Were Wicked”)

The album flows together surprisingly well, given the vastness of ideas. The songs feel like they belong together. This comfortable inconsistency could be due, in part, to the album’s production. The creative vibe of the recording process was a result of the album being completed entirely in a converted house over a month. The songs are just so well-conceived and executed that regardless of what direction the music flows, the results are very engaging and the listener can’t help but be drawn in.

Long Love All of Us is, in short, a solid album. The harmonies are very earthy and engaging, the musicianship is airy and rich, and the overall experience is very pleasant.

Long Live All of Us is out now on Thirty Tigers.