Girl Talk, 1/25/11


Girl Talk
The Fillmore
Charlotte, NC
January 25, 2011

Gregg Gillis, much better known as Girl Talk, brought his brand of laptop mashups that hinge on the borderline of copyright infringement to Charlotte this past Tuesday. On the heels of a successful Steelers Super Bowl bid and a recent album, this Steel City native delivered his typical A-game that promotes an absolute party like atmosphere that few have been able to accomplish to the level that Gillis has. He does and did so by bringing the party to him, allowing a portion of the audience to the stage. In so doing, the gap between concertgoer and performer is effectively bridged and the setting is set for a venue wide celebration.  

Though not entirely sold out according to the box offiice, a rarity for this tour, The Fillmore was packed to its brim with hot and sweaty folks from across the Wall Street South. 

Opening with Black Sabbath’s "War Pigs," the late seventies classic merged into Ludacris’ "Move Bitch" with the signature riff that gives "War Pigs" its identity remaining throughout. Naturally all of this chaos also cued Gillis’ bevy of local beauties who would call the stage home and dance floor for the duration of the evening. 

On a night that brought mashups of everything from MSTRKRFT’s "All I Do is Party" intertwined with Rage Against the Machine’s ""Killing in the Name" to the blasphemous pairing of Paul Simon’s "Cecilia" with 2 Live Crew’s "Pop That Pussy," the atmosphere was intense and ripe for a crowd that came in with one thing on their mind…raging.

Rage is exactly what they did. With no shortage of confetti, glow-stuff, and celebratory grunts from the mostly college aged gatherers, The Fillmore became a rave-near-mosh-pit like environment for the entire night.

On its whole, it was mission accomplished once again by the artist that is taking the country by storm one city and (near) copyright infringement at a time– Girl Talk.      

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