George Porter Jr. introduces new album to Honest Tune (VIDEO)

014 1216516429_4QUok-M.jpgIt is official. George Porter, Jr. and his longstanding project, The Runnin’ Pardners, will release a CD entitled Can’t Beat the Funk. The new album (due October 1, 2011) will feature 16 (or “maybe 14 new songs,” as Porter states in the video below) previously recorded — but never heard — Meters tunes.

George has had quite the busy summer — with the reuniting of trhe Original Meters surely being a highlight — and apparently has chosen to cap it all off by unveiling a new and long-awaited record. If the two tracks from the album (“Borro” and “Soul Machine”) that are currently currently available on, fans of the funk and bass living legend are in for a record for the ages.

The slated release date, October 1st, will come complete with a CD release party at NOLA’s Tipitina’s Uptown.

But enough from us. Let’s hear from George — who briefly spoke on video to Jeffrey Dupuis for Honest Tune last week — about the new album.

George Porter, Jr. : Introducing Can’t Beat the Funk