George Duke : Dukey Treats

dukey-treats-george-duke-cd-cover-art.jpgGeorge Duke has always been about digging as deep as possible in his search to create great music. His latest release, Dukey Treats, is no exception – a fun-filled, ultra-entertaining journey that recounts a time when funk was more relevant, recounting the glory days of James Brown and Sly and the Family Stone.

“A Fonk Tale,” Duke’s ode to Parliament/Funkadelic, is pure old-school, an epic intergalactic tale of a cosmic funk hero in the early 1970s, a time when funk was not only funky, but funny as well.  On “Are You Ready,” Duke also pays homage to early day Earth, Wind & Fire, asking the listener if they are ready for change, back to a time of peace, respect, and tolerance, something we all could use more of in this day and age.

From beginning to end, Dukey Treats is pure fun, combined with the real musical substance that was the backbone of early funk and R&B.  Dukey Treats is uplifting, filled with positive messages and funky vibes that could well have us all dancing for many years to come. If the time for change is at hand, this could well be the sound track of a new era.

Dukey Treats is out now on Heads Up.