Gene Ween, 11/12/10


Gene Ween
The Bluebird
Bloomington, IN
November 12, 2010

Aaron Freeman, better known as Gene Ween, the cofounding member of Ween, has embarked on a small tour with stops solely at intimate venues scattered along the way. On this night, he traveled from his home of Pennsylvania to The Bluebird in Indiana to perform an acoustic set of Ween rarities and covers for Mid-Ween-stern devotees.

The stage at The Bluebird was set with a small stool and table, an ashtray, a pack of cigarettes, and several beverages. There was a building energy as the show time drew nigh from the ever stanch multitude of gatherers who had come to bask in the wonder that is Ween, a band that has never experienced true mainstream success, but has a following with rarely matched dissidence.

As Gene took the stage with his guitar, wearing a pair of old pair of black jeans and sweatshirt, he made the announcement to be prepared to get mellow. With this declaration, he smiled and strummed the tune for Bruce Springsteen’s "The River." After finishing the cover, he reached toward his smokes with a huge cheshire grin and informed everyone that if "John Mellencamp can smoke on stage so could he" and proceeded to light up a Camel before chatting with the crowd. Every tune started with a story that  explained why it was written and what it was about (for the most part). It was as though Gene "The Gener" Ween was performing in the living room of a friend’s house. It was grand on a pocket-sized and insightfully personal scale.  

Set List:

The River (Springsteen), The Grobe, The Golden Eel, The Stallion Part 4, The Stallion Part 3
Spirit Walker, Now I’m Freaking Out, I Don’t Wanna Leave You On The Farm, She’s Your Baby,
You Were The Fool, Chocolate Town, Ooh Va La, I’ll Miss You, The Mollusk, Rights To The Ways And The Rules Of The World, Tried and True, Mountains and Buffalo, Baby Bitch, She Wanted To Leave, Polka Dot Tail

Ziggy Stardust (Bowie), Buenos Tardes Amigo

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