Gaslight Street : Idle Speed


Changes in the Gaslight Street camp following the recording of their sophomore release, Idle Speed, could have left the Charleston, South Carolina-based group at a standstill. Multi-instrumentalist Jason Stokes and drummer Brooks Dubose departed, leaving frontman Campbell Brown and bassist Frank Nelson carrying the torch for the group’s accessible Southern rock.

They’ve done so impressively, though, delivering a solid release and taking to the road to give these nine songs the life they deserve – on the stage. Make no mistake, these tracks also fare well on record; from the polished southern soul of “Vicksburg” to the slippery blues of “Black as Coal,” Gaslight Street have crafted a signature sound that is equal parts honey and moonshine, with Brown the catalyst for the soul-infused swagger.

Fortunately, the band avoids any type of slump in this second release, and it plays as a proud successor to 2009’s Blue Skies for Fools. And while the band – now rounded out by drummer Jack Friel, organist Whitt Algar, and electric pianist Howard Dlugasch – is continually evolving, Idle Speed hints that the best is yet to come.

Idle Speed could’ve been the swan song for Gaslight Street. But the spark remains. The band is stoking it, and rightfully so.

Idle Speed is out now.