Gary Higgins : Seconds

gary_higgins_seconds.jpgTroubadour Gary Higgins checks in for the first time since his 1973 debut, Red Hash, with the delicately skewered recording Seconds.

Higgins, backed by The Random Concept, favors illuminating the wrong side of the tracks on the acoustic-based "Demons." A humorous, twisted and playful look at an animal’s demise is explored on "Little Squirrel," with Terry Fenton’s synth-piano adding extra texture. Graham Higgins and Dave VandeBogart also contribute guitar throughout Seconds, giving Higgins a sharp edge to the proceedings. Dave Beaujon’s slight bass colors the impressionistic piece "Ten- Speed." 

Supervised and produced by Rian Murphy and recorded at The Shed at 18 Barnes, Seconds is Gary Higgins’ coming-out party, filled with deep-welled emotion and raw truth. 

Seconds is out now on Drag City Records.