Gary Clark, Jr. : “Bright Lights” Live and Unplugged at Caravan (VIDEO)


The music world can, at times, be filled with a disproportionate level of monotony. Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard one searches, he simply cannot find anything that is bold and fresh. But even when this is the case, those of us who eat, sleep and breathe music know that we will never give up in our quest for that sound.

It is usually during the quest that something happens like what happened a few weeks back when we stumbled into the magic that is Gary Clark, Jr., when covering the Bonnaroo Buzz tour in Louisville.

Witnessing Clark in Louisville was like watching a man who was dying into his music. With every vocal or six-stringed note, blues and soul oozed out of him just like the sweat from his brow that was rolling down his neck before eventually spilling onto the stage during momentous intensity. Though thoughts of Hendrix fleeted, they were immediately supplanted by the fact that what was going on was entirely original.

With a new EP set for release in August (Bright Lights on Warner Bros.) and the fact that we knew that we would be making his acquaintance again at Dave Matthews Band Caravan in Chicago, there was only one thing left to do… ask him to play for exclusively for us and you, our readers and Honest Tune family.  He obliged.


Gary Clark, Jr. : “Bright Lights” live and unplugged at Caravan (An Honest Tune Exclusive)

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of “Bright Lights” at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads