Garrett Anderson offers free download from upcoming album

Armed with an inquisitive storyteller’s eye and the soul of a poet-troubadour is singer/songwriter Garrett Anderson, set to release his third album in November 2011.  The album follows 2008’s Portraits of the Young Man as an Artist, and 2009’s The Great Unknown.


Honest Tune Pilgrim Profilee Anderson is pleased to offer a free download of “Texas Honeysuckle”, the first single from his new album.


From Baltimore, Maryland, Anderson has long been an integral part of the region’s widely divergent music scene. From his earliest days as a student at the University of Maryland, with the widely popular groove-rock band LUCA, to backing up folk-rocker Greg Riordan (formerly of the band Once Hush) as part of The Foxhole Prayers, to his most recent collaboration with (hip-hop artist and former LUCA band-mate) Kenton Dunson, Anderson has developed a utterly captivating sound.  It is a sound that recalls the passionate delivery of Joshua James and Amos Lee combined with the adventurous musical spirit of Martin Sexton.  Anderson has also shared the stage with such unparalleled talents as The Bridge, Zach Deputy, Braddigan (from Dispatch), Splintered Sunlight, and Kagero.


Visit here for your free download and to stream Anderson’s previous albums.