Garage Deluxe

garage-deluxe.jpgGarage Deluxe could possibly be the most comfortable name for this band of mixed influences and sounds.  one that has quickly made a name for itself across the southern United States.  With influences from Hill Country blues, Southern rock, and Americana, the sound of Garage Deluxe cannot easily be pigeon-holed.

All four members of the band are talented vocalists, and they utilize the presence of four distinctly different voices to change up the band’s sound.   Primary songwriter Stevie Jones plays keys, guitar and maybe a surprise instrument or two.  Bassist Chad Farmer takes over the lead vocal responsibilities fairly frequently, as does drummer Andrew Bryant.  Bryant not only holds it down behind the kit with the distinct charm of Levon Helm, but also tends to resemble the iconic musician in appearance as well.  John Montgomery also sings from time to time, but his most important role is to bend, pluck and slide notes out from his guitar.  While all of these guys are stand out musicians, Montgomery steps out to the front of the pack, and certainly pioneers the jams with his axe.

Their self-titled first album was a watermark for the band.  They established a working relationship with masterful producer David Barbe, and found successes behind the initial effort.  With a solid first album and dedicated touring schedule, Garage Deluxe began to link up with other bands touring through out the southeast.  They just finished a small run of dates opening for JJ Grey and Mofro, and have shared the stage with Galactic, Outformation and many others.

They again returned to Barbe for his masterful touch on their second album, Light Energy.  This album is in the bag and should be expected sometime this summer.  Until then the band will be touring hard.